Saturday, October 6, 2012

How Can I Prepare for Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is an eye-opening experience. People, culture and even the weather differ from what you are accustomed to. However, there are other important details to consider when you prepare to study abroad. Some points are as below -

1) Health
2) Documentation
3) Insurance
4) Accommodation
5) Money Challenges
6) Packing
7) Communication

The above 7 points are the basic but useful points when you are going to migrate yourself into a new country----

1) Documentation - This is main area where the students is really care about. While moving into the other country, passport and VISA are the most critical and important documents that student really need in a foreign country. Keep the photo copy always away from the original documents.

This way, it will be simpler to generate new documents if your original ones are lost or stolen while you study abroad. One copy should be at your home with your parents and one copy should be in the file of student counselor through which you have came to foreign to further studies.

2) Health - Before leaving to any country, Consult your Doctor for the full examination check up and take doctor endurance that you are totally fit for the travelling and you have a good health. Bring along the medical records copy in case of any emergency overseas.

Become immunized as per the host country requirement before your departure.

3) Insurance - Get a reliable Insurance policy before leaving to the host country, that would include the evacuation and repatriation if medical emergency occurs somehow.
You may also consider a comprehensive travel insurance if you are willing to travel a lot in host country

4) Accommodation - To economize, kindly request on-campus accommodation when you apply for study program. Universities always gives priorities to the foreign students who are willing to study in their country. On-Campus Accommodation may offered for a limited number of days, like for a single semester or 3-4 months. During this, survey the local market to avoid paying expensive rent due to lack more affordable options.

5) Money Challenges - It's a mandatory to develop a realistic budget for your study and stick closely to it. Mark the fixed cost of living and other fixed expenses like rent and other utilities. Always bank the money for extra expenses like entertainment at the end of the week and for shopping stuff.

When you reach the host country, setup and account for any reliable bank with branch offices near to you campus and where you live and also have some money transferred facilities. For safety, avoid too must cash in your pocket.

6) Packing - Pack only what you need to settled in the host country. Avoid bring clothes for a whole year.

Place the appropriate photocopy of your original documents in a separate bag and keep it with you all the times while travelling. Know the weather when you are arrived to the host country airport so that you can wear the appropriate clothing. Remember to bring adapters if your carrying your own electrical appliances.

7) Communication - Regular communication with your relatives, family & with friends is essential while you study abroad. You can buy an international calling card instead to make affordable calls to home

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